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Paducah, KY Personal Injury Law: What to Expect

Personal Injury Attorney Paducah Kentucky

What to expect during your initial attorney interview after an injury

During the initial interview, your lawyer will, of course, want to hear about what happened to you and collect a variety of information from you. The length of the initial interview can vary a lot, depending on your injuries. In a simple negligence case, it probably won’t take too long, especially if you have prepared for the meeting. However, a complex case or a case involving serious injuries could take much longer.

As you tell the lawyer about your accident, he or she may ask questions about it. Frequently, lawyers wait until you have told them everything before asking questions. Some of the questions may be difficult to hear, let alone answer. Be brave. Your personal injury lawyer needs to know the answers to help you find the best solution for your case. The lawyer will collect a variety of information from you that relates to the accident, your medical treatment, who else was involved, potential witnesses, and the like. Here’s the sort of thing you can expect:

  • The lawyer may ask you to sign medical authorizations and releases so he or she can obtain your medical records. The lawyer will want to know about all your insurance coverage.
  • The lawyer will ask if you have talked to any insurance adjustors and if so, what you have said and whether you provided a recorded or written statement about the accident.
  • The lawyer will ask you if anyone else has interviewed you about the accident or your injuries, and if so, whom you talked to and what you said.
  • The lawyer may ask you, if it’s not evident by looking at you, about the current status of your injuries, whether you are in pain, what your prognosis is, and so forth.
  • The lawyer may advise you to see your doctor regularly if you have any physical problems or complaints. If you don’t see your doctor, the defendant may argue that you aren’t seriously hurt as no visits tend to indicate that there are no problems.
  • The lawyer may tell you that your case will be considered and that you will hear later if he or she will take your case. This is a common practice in injury cases, so don’t read anything into it.

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